About us

Hello. My name is Olha and I am the owner, designer, and just a creative person who created a studio and a SunFlames store.
 I have been into art and crafting since I could hold a pen and a glue stick and having a final product brought a sense of accomplishment, but who knew that my life-long obsession with crafting would come in handy in planning my big day? I decided to put my effort into creating bridal hair accessories for my wedding that made me feel truly beautiful and special. Soon after, my girlfriends and their girlfriends bombarded me with questions about where I got the headband and jewelry and made me promise to create special accessories for their wedding. And I thought, why not? In exchange for all the nights I stayed up designing and meticulously perfecting the details of my work, I saw gorgeous, radiant brides who were happy and confident on their big day. I realized that I want to share my craft with brides everywhere because every woman deserves to feel unique and beautiful, especially on the day she stands in front of her friends and family and makes one man the happiest! This is how my store was created (more than 10 years ago).
Seeing others happy makes me happy, which is why I work very hard to create original, dreamy designs and use high-quality materials to bring smiles on this special day.
Years later, I have slightly changed and expanded the range of jewelry to make even more people happy and irresistible, whether it's a wedding day or a themed party or a festival. My husband Dmitry, daughter Kira and my friend photographer Oksana have joined the creative team. They help me make and send orders, as well as inspire me to new designs and bold business steps.

Enjoy visiting and shopping in SunFlames.